Hydrogen Smart Fueller

The Hydrogen dispenser for the zero emission vehicle of tomorrow

Hydrogen Smart Fueller

The HydrogenSmartFueller, HSF for short, is a adaptably designed dispenser with control software, specially developed for hydrogen filling stations. The HSF is available with a 350bar or 700bar nozzle. In order to allow refuelling from both pressure levels, the HSF is also available with two dispensing points. This modularity allows a wide range of applications, which makes the HSF perfect for refuelling of any kind of vehicle.

The HSF is designed as a control system for the entire fuelling station. The selection of the remaining system components, such as compressor systems, supply tanks or cooling systems, plays only a minor role for the HSF due to its high flexibility and adaptability.


The modular design of the HSF allows it to be adapted to the most diverse customer requirements. The main focus is on seamless integration into the overall system.

Supply units

  • Flexible number of supply lines
  • Different supply pressures
  • Communication to intelligent supply units
    • Electrolysis
    • Large compressors


  • Flexible number of tapping points
  • Mixed pressure levels
  • High Flow refuelling for large vehicles
  • Additional sensors for increased safety or performance
  • Additional data exchange module for communication with the vehicle

Additional modules

  • External cooling module
    • Enables faster refuelling in some cases
  • N2 Flushing connection
    • Enables the use of the HSF as a first fuelling unit

System integration

  • Compressor control
  • Integration of the supply tanks into the overall system
  • Decanting the supply tanks
  • Control of the chillers
  • Electrolysis control
  • Monitoring of the entire plant
  • Data logging